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Our world lies in pieces. To understand the present state of things here, you first have to turn to the events which unfolded seven generations ago… They call it the Fracture. A planet shattering event that ultimately served to end decades of fighting.

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Grow your team by discovering the Heroes, Figments, and Principles within the world of FutureProof. Put the perfect crew together to take down your foe!

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Assemble your team before the battle from a pool of unique characters. Align their stats to bring together the perfect match and outwit your opponent!

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Become a master tactician, perfect your playstyle, and refine your skills. Focus on building the best team and growing your skill so you can climb the leaderboards!

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Principles are the sets of core beliefs, traditions, technological capabilities, and principles by which each faction in the world of FutureProof lives.

Principles are believed to be influenced by the people who settled near a dormant Proving Ground after the Fracture and the lingering tech fallout that resulted from the Fracture. Principles are more than a way of life, they are responsible for and influence the abilities and attributes of their practitioners.

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See and feel the impact of Principles on the heroes, figments, and terrain

Buff, debuff, damage, and cause other effects by harnessing various Principles

Heroes shape the game by projecting Principles that alter the battlefield

Principles control which Figments a hero can project onto the battlefield

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Heroes are the first people in seven generations to seek out places and people beyond their own horizons. They have grown up near a Proving Ground and been raised under a Principle just like everyone else. Except they wanted more. Each Hero has left the safety of their own land and has embarked on a journey. They have a superior ability to command the residual power left behind by the Fracture and can channel and control their Principles better than anyone.

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Heroes have three principles that they can be influenced by and call upon.

Heroes manipulate terrain to imbue it with the characteristics of Principles

Figments are projected by Heroes who have power over their corresponding Principles

Each Hero has a unique special ability that helps them in battle

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Figments are battle-ready units that the Centry Defense Network was capable of spawning seemingly out of thin air. The pre-Fracture world presumed that they were mere projections or holograms. But Figments have substance and can leave a very real impact on their opponents.

Heroes have discovered that they are able to project a small subset of weak figments as they draw on their innate Principle and the power of the Proving Ground.

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Figments are projected onto the terrain by Heroes. They require a certain allocation and type of Principle Points (PP) to project

Figments attack and defend other Figments and Heroes. They all have unique and exciting active and passive abilities

Each Figment ranges in rarity from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary

Agnostic Figments can be controlled by any Hero while Principled Figments require Heroes to control that Principle to project them


Proving Grounds are seeing action for the first time in over two centuries as they become the battlefields for expansion and control between Heroes and their factions. While the terrain remains pretty much just as it was right after the Fracture, the Heroes have begun manipulating the Proving Grounds to better suit them in battle by drawing on their Principles.

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What is FutureProof?

FutureProof is a tactical battle arena game that pits player against player in a fight for control. Players will collect and build teams, leverage and master Principles, and rely on their Hero's unique abilities to triumph over their opponent.

When will FutureProof be released?

FutureProof is coming to your Windows and Mac devices in late 2023.

What platforms will FutureProof be available on?

FutureProof will initially be available on Mac and Windows PCs. Who knows after that?

How do you play FutureProof?

FutureProof requires you to craft your team and bring them into battle against your opponent in 1v1, tactical battles. We recommend you plan, play smart, and crush the enemy hero to achieve victory!


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